Unusual activities at Echologia

Welcome to unknown emotions

Welcome to an exceptional park, the result of an extraordinary human adventure and a unique site combining historic heritage with unexpected natural riches. As you make your way through Echologia, as a couple, with family, friends or colleagues, you can expect to experience the unusual.

Abandoned for more than 50 years, these ancient lime quarries dating from the 19th century have seen Nature regain its rights. This site, which is the largest water reserve of the Mayenne, is a unique and amazing haven of peace.
Since 2010, the team formed by the two initiators of the Natur’Eau Parc have been focusing on four principles: water, ecology, heritage and Man.
These fundamentals were at the basis of the site rehabilitation project using an eco-responsible approach.

Echologia, the Natur’Eau Parc, invites you to discover and share a natural and preserved land, where everyone can learn while having fun and marvel at living in harmony with the environment.

A land built on 4 principles

One of the largest water reserves in the region (more than 2 million cubic meters of water which meet drinkability criteria).

A ZNIEFF conservation area with a rich biodiversity and many preserved complex ecosystems.

With the aim to shape, develop and preserve this land, man is the central stakeholder of Echologia.

One of the largest lime mining sites in the 19th century, a jewel of the Mayenne industry, running from 1820 to 1963.