A Real Alternative to Feed tomorrow’s planet

Do you wish to discover a fascinating, fun and super smart world which is 100% “Sustainable Development”? Come and discover aquaponics at Echologia, one of the main attractions of the site which is even bigger in 2018 with the arrival of a huge aquaponics structure with large aquariums to better observe the different species of fish!

What is aquaponics?

In a few words, it is the combination of 2 techniques, aquaculture and hydroponics, enabling plants and aquatic animals to live together in perfect harmony in a closed system that works as a virtuous, ecological and healthy circle!

It makes you dream, doesn’t it? Well at Echologia you may discover several aquaponics systems to better understand this concept which as old as the hills and offers a real sustainable alternative to better consume, in a cleaner and healthier manner, and most of all at home!

At Echologia, our primary goal is not to produce, but to offer you an educational vision of aquaponics and to inspire you with an extraordinarily simple and natural technique that will allow you to produce your own food!

NEW IN 2018: Fish in the spotlight!

A huge aquaponics structure made up of several aquariums to better observe the fish that live in the quarries of Echologia!

If you want to understand how this works before you come to see it “in the real”, here are the schematic diagrams suggested by 3 very interesting websites on this subject: