Travel around Echologia Land!

Travel around Echologia Land!

With the “Trip to Echologia Land”, accompanied by a guide who is passionate about the Park, you will do the complete tour of the central part of the Natur’eau Parc.

In a group, with your family or friends, discover in a privileged way the Natur’Eau Parc and enjoy an amazing and enlightening guided tour.

Discover a great human adventure through the history of Natur’Eau Parc, the rehabilitation processes to preserve the heritage, the wealth of ecosystems, preserved biodiversity, future projects, unusual dwellings, etc.

And take part in fun and educational experiments: chemist’s workshop, crayfish fishing, discovery of eco-materials…

To prolong the adventure, end this very private visit by immersing yourself at the heart of 6 themes:

  • biodiversity and colonization of species in an environment abandoned by man for over 50 years
  • water and aquatic life
  • world housing and unusual dwellings
  • Sustainable Development at Echologia,
  • The history of Louverné’s lime kilns
  • Ecology in the garden: permaculture, aquaponics, auxiliary insects, crop cycles, etc.

Come and do the big, big tour of the Park!

Duration Minimum Minimum age Price
1-hour visit
+ unlimited access to the park
20 persons
(children must be accompanied by two adults at least)
 / Adult €17 including VAT
Children (less than 12 years old) €8

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