Group Activities

Group Activities
Friendliness to be shared

All tastes are found in our Park!

As a couple, as a family, with friends or with colleagues, Echologia offers you rare and unforgettable moments.
At Natur’Eau Parc, unique experiences in exceptional places and unusual conditions, by day and by night!

Whether there are two, four, eight or more of you, the Natur’Eau Parc has everything to make everyone live a unique experience.
Astonish your loved ones with original offers that combine fun and well-being, discovery and relaxation, thrills and emotions. Here, all the fun, all the pleasure is for you!


Echologian Rally

Will you be up to the Echologian Rally?



Kho-Logia, when Nature challenges you.


Surprise for the Curious

At night, curiosity is a good quality!


Trip to Echologia Land

Travel around Echologia Land!