Echologian Rally

Will you be up to the Echologian Rally?

Test your sports and intellectual skills during the Echologian Rally!

This challenge takes place as a team and requires skill, concentration, resourcefulness and teamwork.
Under the strict eye of the game master, you will, for instance, solve puzzles, take part in sports activities (archery and blowpipe, canoeing), tame Nature (crayfish fishing, angling, etc.) and you are not at the end of your surprises: a big final test will crown the winner!

All this will take place in a friendly atmosphere and you will remember the event for a long time thanks to the photos and films you will be given at the end of the event.

Come and show what you can do!

Duration Minimum minimum Age Price
2h30-3h  20 people 12 years old From €42 including VAT /person (classic rally)


Kho-Logia, when Nature challenges you.


Surprise for the Curious

At night, curiosity is a good quality!


Trip to Echologia Land

Travel around Echologia Land!


“A la carte” activity

Do what you like!