Kho-Logia, when Nature challenges you.

Experience an exceptional adventure “not yet seen on TV”: Kho-Logia.

With family or friends, surpass yourself during challenges involving physical and psychological abilities.
After a training session and the discovery of survival tools, join a “special zone”, a little further away from the Natur’eau Parc, which is wilder and inaccessible to the public.
There, challenges await you: Boot camp, nature archery, puzzles, resistance, comfort tests… If ingenuity and strength are important, tenacity and team spirit are paramount to win.

Change of scenery, laughter and sensations are on the agenda and will remain in your memory with the photo report and film you will be given after this event!

Duration Minimum minimum Age Price
4h30  20 persons  18 years old €66 including VAT/pers.

Echologian Rally

Will you be up to the Echologian Rally?


Surprise for the Curious

At night, curiosity is a good quality!


Trip to Echologia Land

Travel around Echologia Land!


“A la carte” activity

Do what you like!